Skill on Wheel: The Only Name to Acquire Skilled Trainers in Point Cook

Welcome to SkillonWheel driving school- Helping you to drive in the right way. We have been teaching a number of students how to drive safe on road and our excellent instructors help to learn the right procedure in a less time. Whether this is the first time you are sitting on the driver’s seat or have previously opt for it but failed, we at Indian Driving School in Point Cook leave no stones unturned to help you become a responsible driver. Our convenient and flexible driving programme designed completely on your skill becomes a help for the students. We understand that classes itself sounds boring, but we guarantee our driving classes will make you excited and bring the urge of driving.

We comprehend the need for qualified and experienced instructors and is the only reason we host a team of experts who has the proficiency and patience in dealing the students. Since inception, our only aim was to make the students a perfect driver in order to cross the hurdles. Keeping our aim intact, we along with our Female Driving Instructor in Point Cook helps the novice to obtain the skill and the driving license. With complete attention to each and every students, we try to understand their problems and take care to throw the “L” tag. With us, you can be assured about becoming a great driver.

Become A Safe Driver With The Best Trainers

SkillonWheel believes on giving all level of drivers similar training to become a safe driver. Being a beginner, advanced or intermediate level driver, our instructors are committed to serving the students similar level of training. We ensure to make you learn the skill of safe and defensive driving with our knowledge and experience. We also offer theoretical training to know every small things about driving. We make sure that you pass the driving test by gaining utmost skill and knowledge.

Proper and safe driving requires training and our instructors with their patience trains you in the most proper way. We make you learn the rules and regulation and also the proper way of driving. Our driving test is not easy but we prepare the students and make sure you achieve the goal in the least time. SkillonWheel ensures to remain safe on wheels every time you drive.

Driving School Point Cook


  • Comprehensive driving course and training
  • Flexible hours for your convenience
  • Licensed and experienced instructors
  • Pick and drop facilities for students
  • Design courses according to your driving skill